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I literally have....NOTHING, except that I've been contemplating about wrapping up my long-overdue-as-hell Top 25 2014 Pairings thanks to a randomly-compiled lineup I have yet to design and release (at least before Columbus Day, or, hell, after)...and have I got the perfect compilation prepared:

Yoshi (Super Mario)  Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) ヨッシー ♥ 初音ミク
Buzz McCallister (Home Alone) ♥ Samantha Baker (Sixteen Candles) / バズ・マカリスター ♥ サマンサ・ベイカー
Jason Dean (Heathers) ♥ Azusa Fuyutsuki (GTO) / ジェイソン・ディーン ♥ 冬月 あずさ
Eric Cartman (South Park) ♥ Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) / カートマン ♥ 巴 マミ
Wallace Wells (Scott Pilgrim) ♥ Stef Steinbrenner (The Goonies) / ウォーレス・ウェルス ♥ ステフ・スタインブレンナー
Brand Walsh (The Goonies) ♥ Chie Satonaka (SMT - Persona) / ブランド・ウォルシュ ♥ 里中千枝
Shatterhand ♥ Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers) / シャッターハンド ♥ マリナ=ナゲット
Marko (The Lost Boys) ♥ Jung Freud (Gunbuster - Aim For The Top!!) / マーコ ♥ ユング・フロイト
Toad (Super Mario) ♥ Gumi (Megpoid) / キノピオ ♥ グミ
Yahtzee Croshaw (Zero Punctuation)  JesuOtaku ヤッツィー・クローショー ♥ ジェスオタク

Plans put into effect, consider this my FINAL REMINDER this year that I'm still open for commissions, and that I also accept both PayPal & dA Points!  If possible, refer to this recent entry for more information (since I'm pressed for time like never before...)!    Spring Update you've probably noticed by now - I HAVE FINALLY RETURNED WITH AN IRON-GRIP, SODOM-AND-GOMORRAH VENGEANCE!!   More new pieces, more new kick-ass fanart & crossovers/cracks/gags than you can possibly perform a 'Barrel Roll' toward!  
Having said all that, I'd also like to take this opportunity and commemorate this entry to the departed souls of the following individuals - amongst many - who've shaped our lives beyond belief throughout each generation:
HAROLD RAMIS - first and foremost - Egon, Russell Ziskey, and a plethora of other unforgettable characters (don't forget about Ben Stone's dad in Knocked Up)!  He even helped to direct/produce the first Caddyshack and Vacation films in '80 and '83, respectively!
PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Capote, A Late Quartet and others) - kick-ass actor....I wish I could've had the opportunity to delve more into his roles [nothing too personal]!
SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK (Child actress of the 1920s)

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