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Consider this rundown the last we'll see for this season [though, as always, there'll be more]!  And one other thing I intend to get off my chest before shit gets out of hand BEYOND BELIEF - I'm returning to Commissions Duty yet again!  Expect the full details ( guessed it - MORE AFFORDABLE PRICES/DEALS) between Thanksgiving & X-Mas!  I'd also like to dedicated this post to the memory of 3 legendary, talented individuals who passed away this season [as always, may they all rest in peace as we remember how much they've deeply inspired us]:

Tom Clancy (Splinter Cell, Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, Ghost Recon)

Marcia Wallace (voice of Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons)

Lou Reed (Big-Apple rock pioneer & leader/founder of Velvet Underground)

(*playing 'Taps', followed by 5 tender moments of silence....*)

Now that those are out of the way....

Q-Bee (Darkstalkers 3 - Vampire Savior) / キュービィ
Samson, Kikira, Gamm & KO (Little Samson) / リックルキキラ、ガンム、コウ
Deoxys (Pokémon) /デオキシス [Once again, a BETTER attempt will come eventually....]
Tiffany Lords (Rival Schools) / ティファニー・ローズ
Nightcrawler, Colossus, Rogue, Dazzler (X-Men) / ナイトクローラー、コロッサス、ローグ、ダズラー
Ran Hibiki (Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2; Project Justice) / ひびき 蘭
Quinn Hart, Christy & Sophia (VICE Project Doom)
Anita (Darkstalkers 2 - Night Warriors) / アニタ
Ulala (Space Channel 5) / うらら
Buzz, Linnie & Megan McCallister (Home Alone) / バズ、リニー、メガン・マカリスター
Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice) / ビートルジュース&リディア・ディーツ
MFer Mike Matei (Cinemassacre) / マザファッカー・マイク
Chie Satonaka (Persona 4) / 里中 千枝
Yuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara & Mai Minakami (Nichijou) / 相生 祐子、長野原 みお; 水上 麻衣
Squid Girl 'Ika Musume' / イカ娘
Madison & Crystal (Trouble Shooter) / マディソン&クリスタル
Eluza, Rabby, Remy, Lufy, Catty, Pony & Patty (Gall Force)
Yohko Mano (Devil Hunter Yohko) / 真野 妖子
Maki Illustrious Makinari (Evangelion 2.0) / 真希波・マリ・イラストリアス
Tatsuo Nagumo, Akemi Ito, Amano & Megumi Jyaku with Kuroko (Urotsukidoji) / 伊藤 明美; 天邪鬼&恵; 黒子
Bio Force Ape (from the unreleased, yet rumored NES/Famicom game of the same name) / バイオフォース・エイプ
Ristar, the Shooting Star / リスター ザ・シューティングスター
Alissa Cyan (Comix Zone) / アリサ・シアン

Rintaro Okabe, Kurisu Makise, Ruka Urushibara, Faris Nyannyan, Suzuha Amane, Moeka Kiryu & Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate) / 岡部倫太郎; 牧瀬 紅莉栖; 漆原るか; フェイリス・ニャンニャン; 阿万音鈴羽; 桐生萌郁; 椎名 まゆり

Rimi Sakihata, Nanami Nishijo, Ayase Kishimoto, Yua Kusunoki, Sena Aoi & Kozue Orihara (Chaos;Head) / 咲畑 梨深; 西條 七海; 岸本 あやせ; 楠 優愛; 蒼井 セナ; 折原 梢

Claire Coral (Cybernator aka Valken)
Vectorman / ベクターマン
Lime, Cherry & Bloodberry (Saber Marionette J) / ライム、チェリー&ブラッドベリー
Miller, Casey, Nicole and Jeff Chang (21 & Over)
Nell and Brandi (Observe & Report)
Omitsu / Omichan (Mystical Ninja) / おみっちゃん
Egoraptor & JonTron (Game Grumps)
Joe & Dave (Game Sack)
Iron Liz / 鉄女子リズ[Liz S]
The Cinema Snob & Mrs. Snob
Nick, Paul, & Josh [and, maybe Dom] (Continue? Show)
Princess Sherry (Rocket Knight Adventures) シェリー姫 

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Hey Yuan! As you may see I remade that Metal Slader Glory video. Can you explain me the story in big reeks? Such an awesome game, but I barely talk / speak japanese. ;_;
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