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A Tribute to the Late David Bowie - LABYRINTH by Chotetsumaru
A Tribute to the Late David Bowie - LABYRINTH
ラビリンス - デヴィッド・ボウイの貢物

Aloha, my faithful followers... many apologies for yet another crushing 5-month (roughly 6) hiatus!  As we're already aware by now, the rightful portrayer of the above-displayed Goblin King has just recently passed away (from cancer, at 69 no less - same story with Alan Rickman, rest their legendary souls)!  Hence, I'm dedicating this to not only Bowie's memory, but to all LABYRINTH fans everywhere!  By now, we should all be familiar with the plot and the legacy/cult following it's been amassing for quite sometime...hell, it even goes without saying that this was Henson's last film he directed prior to his death in 1990 (a few months after the release of the first live-action TMNT by New Line & Golden Harvest).  With that, here's the usual appearance rundown:

Doug Cowell (Dogtoon/BIG) as Jareth*, ** / 魔王ジャレス
Tessa Amoroso (BIG) as Sarah** /  テッサ・アモロソ - サラ
Mary A. Pearl as Ludo** / メリー・オーロラ・パール - ルド
Hoggle & Didymus / ホグル&サー・ディディモス

*And yes, technically Bowie didn't have facial hair whatsoever back when it was first released; and as it turns out, Cowell's naturally a 'Henson addict' WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!
**Special Guests, based on actual people
2015 Summer Gathering by Chotetsumaru
2015 Summer Gathering
As always, first and foremost: MANY, MANY THANKS (from the bottom of my 'kokoro') for the B-day wishes last month.  Also, for those that can't get enough 'endless summer' bliss, I've taken it upon myself to yet again whip out another massive-as-hell gathering last month (putting to shame even all of my recent "real-life-to-anime-caricature" gatherings and character crossover pics from years past)...except I had to use 3 separate group illustrations, scan them one at a time...and then refurbish & compile them all in one, from the ground up!  I know, arduous beyond belief, right?!  Anyways, on the promise that I'd never leave my fanbase hanging, here's my latest masterwork, ladies and gents - complete with the usual cast rundown (in order of appearance, from left to right):

Lillie McNulty* / リリー・マクナルティ
Tessa Amoroso* / テッサ・アモロソ (Brookline Interactive Group)
Emily Ferola* / エミリー・フェロラ
Zoe Scott DePaz* / ゾーイ・スコット・デパズ  (Local fiddler/soul vocalist, Troll2/Children of Babylon/Earls of Grey/etc.)
Deborah Flechner* / デボラ・フレッチュナー
Katie Baker* / ケイティ・ベーカー
Catarina 'Joan Smith' DeRienzo* / カタリナ・デレンゾ (Local solo singer/songwriter, former Bright Red Reason vocalist)
Kelly 'Dogtooth' Chudler* / ケリー・「ドッグトゥース」・チャドラー (Local acoustic political folk punk singer/songwriter)
Heather [Mack] McCormack* / ヘザー・マコーマック (1/2 of a local indie hip-hop duo, Solo Sexxx)
TheCAT / 猫 (ザ・キャット) 
Mary Aurora Pearl* / メリー・オーロラ・パール

*Special Guests, based on actual people

Sources: WBD c/o dA :iconwbd:** (the anime-themed beach background); GeekMythologyStudios, c/o dA :icongeekmythologystudios:** (the Raph bead image for Mary's necklace - TMNT owned by Viacom); (MK Dragon image for Heather's necklace - MK owned by WB/Netherrealm); (Slayer T-Shirt design for Emily - Slayer owned by Universal Music); (the Goomba & Mushroom images for Emily's earrings and Zoe's navel ring, respectively - Super Mario owned by Nintendo); Wonder Woman logo (crafted from scratch) owned by DC Entertainment

**Most endearing apologies to both parties for the unauthorized use of their specifically-designated IPs without prior consent!  Nothing personal, but I felt my latest piece needed some ambience as well as the addition of eye-popping, pop-culture-inspired elements!
Winter Wonderland - 2015 by Chotetsumaru
Winter Wonderland - 2015
And here's my 2nd recent piece from not long before the other - again, this was designed/refurbished from the ground up.  This time, it was made to commemorate the past few seasons due to the chaotic, horrendous amount of snow that my area was faced with...WTF, Mother Nature?!?!  Anyways, cast-rundown time:

Tessa Amoroso* / テッサ・アモロソ (Brookline Interactive Group)
Erica Tremblay* / エリカトレンブレー (Homespun Pictures, 'In The Turn')
Kasia Chmielinski* / カシア・チミリンスキー (Homespun Pictures, 'In The Turn')
Micah 'Miscreant' Shapiro* / マイカ・「ミスクレアント」・シャピロ (Vegan Arcade)
Natalie Copeland / ナタリー・コープランド (Berklee student - oh, joy...ANOTHER ONE)
Amanda Wild / アマンダ・ワイルド (Somerville filmmaker)

Don't think by now that both of these pieces mean I haven't done much (AND DON'T BOTHER ASKING ME JACK-SH__, EITHER)!!
2015 Spring Gathering by Chotetsumaru
2015 Spring Gathering
First and foremost, I'd like to offer a round of endearing, profuse apologies for abandoning my sworn creed [in terms of updates] for almost a year.  I've been swamped with a few side projects & countless personal affairs for said time period...but one way or another - no matter what it takes, I'll continue to make more dreams come true and amaze thousands like I used to do (while NOT creeping anyone out, EVER).  

Anyways, as part of my ultimate comeback, I've decided to bust out 2 of my recent pieces (one of which we're feasting our eyes on) - designed/refurbished from the ground up a few months ago, in celebration of the previous season (considering it's summer now).  As ever, I'm dedicating this seasonal gathering to these seven sassy sirens (all of which are based on actual people, as indicated on the top left) - and YES, all cat-lovers everywhere:

Hannah Hart* / ハンナ・ハート (Internet personality, 'My Drunk Kitchen')
Shannon Leary* / シャノン・リアリー (Monkey Palace, Jamaica Plain)
Tessa Amoroso** / テッサ・アモロソ (Brookline Interactive Group)
Molly Pope** / モリー・ポープ (Berklee student)
Erica White** / エリカ・ホワイト (Wandering soul)
Megan Miller* / ミーガン・ミラー (Synthesizer, melodica, percussionist & backup vocalist for And The Kids, a Northampton band) 
Kelly 'Dogtooth' Chudler* / ケリー・「ドッグトゥース」・チャドラー (Local acoustic political folk punk singer/songwriter) [Her sign, custom-translated in Japanese by Yours Truly, reads 'No, I WONT smile for you'; take note - certain parts are blocked off due to space limitations...]

*Special Guests
**Not just Special Guests - scope out their cat-cosplay trickery!!

Oh, and before I next string of character studies (as mentioned a long time ago) are as follows:

Daicon Bunny Girl (from DAICON 3&4, produced in the early 80s in Japan for its Nihon SF Taikai cons) / DAICONバニーガール
[Yuki Hijiri's] Locke the Superpower/Superman* / 超人ロック

Astyanax, Princess Rosebud & Cutie (Astyanax/Lord of King) / アスティアナックス; ローズバッド姫; キューティー
Mahoro Ando, Suguru Misato & Saori Shikijo (Mahoromatic) / 安藤 まほろ; 美里 優;式条 沙織

Albert Wesker; Ashley Graham; Ada Wong; Alexia Ashford; Jessica Sherawat; Helena & Deborah Harper (Resident Evil; take note - I am NOT doing Sheva AT ALL - heartfelt apologies for whatever inconvenience this reminder may cause) / アルバート・ウェスカー; アシュリー・グラハム; エイダ・ウォン; アレクシア・アシュフォード; ジェシカ・シェラワット; ヘレナ&デボラ・ハーパー

Viewtiful Joe & [Sexy/Go-Go] Silvia (VJ) / 
ビューティフル ジョー&シルヴィア
Aoba Anoa & Erul Tron (Otomedius) / 

I literally have....NOTHING, except that I've been contemplating about wrapping up my long-overdue-as-hell Top 25 2014 Pairings thanks to a randomly-compiled lineup I have yet to design and release (at least before Columbus Day, or, hell, after)...and have I got the perfect compilation prepared:

Yoshi (Super Mario)  Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) ヨッシー ♥ 初音ミク
Buzz McCallister (Home Alone) ♥ Samantha Baker (Sixteen Candles) / バズ・マカリスター ♥ サマンサ・ベイカー
Jason Dean (Heathers) ♥ Azusa Fuyutsuki (GTO) / ジェイソン・ディーン ♥ 冬月 あずさ
Eric Cartman (South Park) ♥ Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) / カートマン ♥ 巴 マミ
Wallace Wells (Scott Pilgrim) ♥ Stef Steinbrenner (The Goonies) / ウォーレス・ウェルス ♥ ステフ・スタインブレンナー
Brand Walsh (The Goonies) ♥ Chie Satonaka (SMT - Persona) / ブランド・ウォルシュ ♥ 里中千枝
Shatterhand ♥ Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers) / シャッターハンド ♥ マリナ=ナゲット
Marko (The Lost Boys) ♥ Jung Freud (Gunbuster - Aim For The Top!!) / マーコ ♥ ユング・フロイト
Toad (Super Mario) ♥ Gumi (Megpoid) / キノピオ ♥ グミ
Yahtzee Croshaw (Zero Punctuation)  JesuOtaku ヤッツィー・クローショー ♥ ジェスオタク

Plans put into effect, consider this my FINAL REMINDER this year that I'm still open for commissions, and that I also accept both PayPal & dA Points!  If possible, refer to this recent entry for more information (since I'm pressed for time like never before...)!    Spring Update you've probably noticed by now - I HAVE FINALLY RETURNED WITH AN IRON-GRIP, SODOM-AND-GOMORRAH VENGEANCE!!   More new pieces, more new kick-ass fanart & crossovers/cracks/gags than you can possibly perform a 'Barrel Roll' toward!  
Having said all that, I'd also like to take this opportunity and commemorate this entry to the departed souls of the following individuals - amongst many - who've shaped our lives beyond belief throughout each generation:
HAROLD RAMIS - first and foremost - Egon, Russell Ziskey, and a plethora of other unforgettable characters (don't forget about Ben Stone's dad in Knocked Up)!  He even helped to direct/produce the first Caddyshack and Vacation films in '80 and '83, respectively!
PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Capote, A Late Quartet and others) - kick-ass actor....I wish I could've had the opportunity to delve more into his roles [nothing too personal]!
SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK (Child actress of the 1920s)

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